My Writer’s Creed

“The easiest thing to do on earth is not write.” –William Goldman

“I hate writing, but I love having written.” — Dorothy Parker

I believe writing is hard.  It’s not some channeling of magical forces or reaching into the dark recesses of the soul.  It’s work, and it takes time, and life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of it.

I believe anyone can write, and anyone can write well.  It’s not a mystical club only some enchanted few can enter. It’s a wonderfully large organization with lots of brilliant people in it.  I don’t feel threatened by other writers: I’m glad to be in such good company.

I believe inspiration can come from anywhere.  Good ideas can be mundane or exotic.  Sometimes the best ones are combinations of the two.  Whether ideas are worked-for or waited-for, there is no ‘right way’ to be inspired.

I believe my characters are my responsibility.  They don’t have minds of their own.  It’s my job to stay true to who they are, and it’s my job to fix it if I write something stupid or ‘out of character’.  It’s my job to be constantly on the lookout for cool things for them to say, and do, and be.

I believe good editing makes good writing better.   Nobody but Stephen King gets it right the first time, and I’m not convinced he does, either (no offense, Mr. King).  Editing is a totally different skill from  writing — especially self-editing — which makes this process even more maddening.

I believe writing is worth it.  The gratification so far delayed that the end doesn’t always seem to justify the means.  But I get a kick out of writing a great scene or writing “the end” or having even one person fall in love with a character that I made up in my head.  Sure, there are agents and contracts and guest blogs and book tours, but it’s these things keep me going in the face of adversity.  Otherwise, I would have stopped long ago.

…What do you believe?