The Crazies


Nothing injects more crazy into my life than taking stock of all of the crap I have amassed over the years, especially in the context of boxing it all up and taking it to a new location within the span of about two weeks.

Yep, we’re moving — not far, even.  But far enough that we have to go through the entire process of boxes and trucks and utilities and sorting out paperwork and trying to coax our cats friends into helping us.  And me preparing to write a novel on top of that.  You know, no big deal.

Better this month than next month, but it still makes me feel like I have a case of the crazies.

And plotting for Nanowrimo has got me all a-tizzy about my current projects again. In preparing a new project, I am overcome with a desire  to write ALL OF THE THINGS.  So this is a good outlet.  And once November is over, I’ll switch back to a longtime revision project that should have been done by now.  And then we’ll take stock of life, the universe, and my ‘in-progress’ folder, and by that time undoubtedly I will start feeling crazy again.