I’m patiently waiting the yearly purging and reclamation of the NaNoWriMo forums so I can spam it with text along with about two thousand other people. But tradition is tradition, so I soldier onward.

In the meantime, I’m trying to keep myself busy. Sure, I could be writing blog posts or plotting, but that’s too useful!  NaNoWriMo prep season must also include procrastination preparation, if only to get it all out of my system.  To that end, here’s what the Internet has served up for me lately to keep me occupied:

The Fox (Bluegrass Edition): If you liked the original video by Ylvis, you at least owe it to yourself to check out these country-style folk giving the tune their own little spin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brxVMvLSz8c

Cookie Clicker: One of the strangest “games” on the web, if you can even call it a game. Warning! This game could make you spontaneously burst into cookie dough. http://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker

cmd.fm: Command line radio. It’s no Pandora or 8tracks, but it’s fun for a little while. http://cmd.fm/