Image Blast: 1 Yard, 24 Hours, 12 Inches of Snow


At the beginning of February, mother nature decided we’d had enough coddling, and that it was high-time to dump a buttload of snow on top of us, quick as you like. And that’s exactly what happened. In less than twenty-four hours, we’d gotten about a foot of snow.

This image was taken partway through the process in the morning, just about when the cabin fever was starting to set in. By this time it was already too rough to leave the house, but I got what I could standing on the steps of our side door. The lighting was just about perfect, so I got out my crappy DSLR and went to work.

The image is actually a composite of about two dozen images, stitched together with the power of Adobe Photoshop and then slightly brightened. It was also my second attempt: on my first try, I made the mistake of not capturing enough of the edge details near the top, bottom, and sides of the images. The software rendered this as empty space and made it nigh impossible to slice out a nice rectangle.


I’m so glad it’s March.

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