Link Roundup: Steampunk Travel Edition

I’m a sucker for all things steampunk. Brass fittings, mad scientists, refined sensibilities. I have a steampunk manuscript in the works, and my office area is slowly transforming into a time-shifted, Victorian-inspired space, complete with tiny metallic dinosaur sculpture.

Because why not.

So when I found the following Steampunk links from around the world, I couldn’t resist sharing.

Oamaru, New Zealand: This city styles itself the steampunk capital of New Zealand, complete with a historic Victorian district, a playground that can probably trace its lineage back to Jules Verne, and a museum calling itself “Steampunk HQ”. I’ll be on the next airship out.

Washington, DC: Introducing “The Alex,” a restaurant and lounge with all the ambiance of an early-20th century steampunk. Named after Alexander Graham Bell, it’s seated in the Graham Georgetown hotel and is easily worth a look if you’re in Washington and looking for a place to tip back a few drinks with some small plates.

Tokyo, Japan: “Steam Garden” is a quarterly (!!!) steampunk festival held organized by the Tokyo Inventors Society with the goal of “expanding the usual neo-Victorian style of steampunk to include different cultures and continents.” Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Now I want to take a vacation.