Root Beer is Awesome

Root beer is my favorite #amwriting beverage that isn’t coffee.  (Yeah, I know.)

Over the past two years, I’ve been slowly sinking into the world of craft root beer. It’s kind of amazing, really, and like any niche, the further you get into it the faster you realize you have only scraped the tip of the iceberg.

Some are good, many are terrible. There’s something for everyone, unless you are afraid of anything that might taste like anise or licorice.

That being said, I love root beer. Each bottle is an adventure! The next one could be the best one you’ve ever had!

I found a local popcorn / ice-cream / soda shop that has several bottles I’ve been wanting to try.  I capped myself at four, because if not, really, then where does it stop?  One of these is waiting for me this evening, while I’m staring at my query, prepping last-minute changes and trying to decide when I want to pull the trigger.