Spotify Smarter Playlists

If you use Spotify like I do, you know there are more playlists in the world than you will probably ever listen to. What’s more, finding that perfect blend of tracks can be so close but so far away.

So here’s something interesting: Smarter Playlists

Using this web tool, you can filter, sort, and select tracks using your own or public playlists as data sources. Genre Radio works as a great source of tracks, too.

I’ve set up a playlist for work and writing that takes from “metropopolis,” “shimmer pop,” “synthpop,” and “indietronica”, de-duplicates it (just in case), and then finds the songs with the most energy and a decent BPM to get the blood pumping.

If you’ve got a willingness to tinker a little bit, the possibilities are endless and the results can be interesting. It’s yet another satisfying leap in the direction of getting computers to find new music for us.