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I Really Don’t Hate My Characters

In fact, I like them. I dream about them. Sometimes it takes me a moment to remember they don’t actually exist in real life. And yet, nothing fills me with greater joy than casting another wonderfully terrible obstacle in their way.

I’m convinced most writers could also double as experts on torture. This evening while preparing for another few pages of edits, I came upon a piece of horrible history to enrich the backstory for one of my favorite characters.

Only, it’s heartbreaking.

It makes her more sympathetic and real to have suffered through it and come out the other side, but I wouldn’t wish it on an enemy… let alone a friend. And I do consider my characters to be friends, as strange as that may sound to a non-reader/non-writer.

Still, conflict is key. Bad things happen to good people every day. If we sheltered our characters like our children, we would be the proud parents of boring books.

So, I know she can’t read this, but I hope she knows I’m sorry. She’s stronger for it. And so is the story.