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Link Roundup: Steampunk Travel Edition

I’m a sucker for all things steampunk. Brass fittings, mad scientists, refined sensibilities. I have a steampunk manuscript in the works, and my office area is slowly transforming into a time-shifted, Victorian-inspired space, complete with tiny metallic dinosaur sculpture.

Because why not.

So when I found the following Steampunk links from around the world, I couldn’t resist sharing.

Oamaru, New Zealand: This city styles itself the steampunk capital of New Zealand, complete with a historic Victorian district, a playground that can probably trace its lineage back to Jules Verne, and a museum calling itself “Steampunk HQ”. I’ll be on the next airship out.

Washington, DC: Introducing “The Alex,” a restaurant and lounge with all the ambiance of an early-20th century steampunk. Named after Alexander Graham Bell, it’s seated in the Graham Georgetown hotel and is easily worth a look if you’re in Washington and looking for a place to tip back a few drinks with some small plates.

Tokyo, Japan: “Steam Garden” is a quarterly (!!!) steampunk festival held organized by the Tokyo Inventors Society with the goal of “expanding the usual neo-Victorian style of steampunk to include different cultures and continents.” Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Now I want to take a vacation.

The Appeal of Steampunk

Today Tor’s blog asks readers to comment on the appeal of Steampunk. Take a look-see here .

My comments, reproduced for posterity:

Steam power brought in the beginning of a new age in technology, much like the advent of the computer has in our own era. There’s a sense of wonder and unbridled enthusiasm. “We can do anything, and nuts to he who says otherwise” seems to be the motto of the day.

It’s dynamic, it’s elegant, and it’s unapologetically fun. Hiding among the leather and the brass and the steam is a world we wished we lived in, a reactionary response to the breakneck speeds at which the technology of the future becomes our reality. We come to terms with the future by living, just for a little while, in the past.

…and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love monocles? I wouldn’t be sad if Victorian fashion made a huge comeback. Just sayin’.