Seventeen-year-old Novi is a grifter with a talent for illusions, but her rent is past due. When an important job goes sideways, her only hope to stay in town lies with Lukas, a con man who can see through her magical disguises. He needs an illusionist for a lucrative (and dangerous) deception; desperate for work, Novi agrees to help.

The mark is a ruthless financier who deserves what’s coming to him, but Novi hits a snag once the con’s in motion. She discovers that the young man she’s been flirting with is the mark’s son, and his lonely sister could be her new best friend.

If she goes through with the plan, she’ll ruin an innocent family. And if she doesn’t? Novi will have betrayed the crew that’s come to depend on her. It’s up to Novi to architect and execute her own con if she stands any chance of saving everyone she cares about.

It’ll take a few lies, a little truth, and a whole lot of illusion.